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Using Eclipse to Cross-compile Applications for Embedded Systems

Jan Axelson

Part 1: Install a Toolchain
Part 2: Install Eclipse and C/C++ Development Tools
Part 3: Create and Configure a Project
Part 4: Compile and Run an Application
Part 5: Set Up Remote Debugging

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Part 2: Install Eclipse and C/C++ Development Tools

You can use Eclipse and the C/C++ development tools on a PC to write and compile programs using your cross-compiler's toolchain.

Install Eclipse

Open the Ubuntu Software Center by clicking its icon on the launcher bar along the left side of the screen.

Ubuntu Software Center

Type eclipse in the search bar, select Eclipse Integrated Development Environment, and click Install.

Select Eclipse

When installation completes, you can close the Ubuntu Software Center.

To run eclipse, open a terminal application and enter eclipse. (If eclipse's location isn't in your PATH, enter the full path, for example /usr/bin/eclipse.)

Run eclipse

If prompted, select a workspace folder. The default is typically


Select Workspace

You are now running Eclipse.

Eclipse Main Screen

Install C/C++ Development Tools

To install the C/C++ development tools (CDT), from Eclipse, select Help -> Install New Software. (Alternate method: download from a browser.)

Install New Software

In the Install window, under the Work with text box, click "Available Software Sites".

Available Software Sites

Under Available Software Sites, select these items:

"Eclipse Project Test Site"
Helios Milestone Repository

and click OK.

Eclipse Preferences

Back in the Install window, at Work with:

select -All Available Sites- and click OK.

In the Install window, in the main list box, expand Programming Languages by clicking the arrow on the left and select C/C++ Development Tools.

Eclipse Install Select

Click Next and follow the dialogs to accept the license and install the software.

When prompted, click Restart Now to restart the Eclipse Platform for the installation changes to take effect.

Eclipse Restart

Go to Part 3: Create and Configure a Project.