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USB One Minute Course

SuperSpeed Extends USB

Visual C# for Visual Basic Programmers

Five Timesavers for Typing in a Terminal


Debugging USB Firmware
Circuit Cellar (Nov. 2012)

Access USB Devices from a Linux USB Embedded Host
Nuts & Volts (April 2012)

Program Small Devices with Big Abilities
Nuts & Volts (April 2010)

Explore USB with WinUSB
Nuts & Volts (January 2010)

Create a USB Virtual COM Port
Circuit Cellar (August 2008)

Access Serial Ports With PICBASIC
Nuts & Volts (May 2008)

Access Serial Ports With Visual Basic .NET
Nuts & Volts (April 2008)

USB for Projects on a Budget
Nuts & Volts (April 2007)

Access Flash Drives with a Microcontroller
Nuts & Volts (February 2007)

Network Security for Small Systems
Circuit Cellar (November 2004)

Pick the Network Protocol that's Right for your Device
Nuts & Volts (May 2004)

Control Your Devices from a Web Page
Nuts & Volts (March 2004)

Computer Interfaces for Robotics
Servo (February 2004)

USB Debug Tips (April 2002)

No Power Supply Required: Powering USB Devices from the Bus
Circuit Cellar (Jan. 2002 print issue.

Boarding the Universal Serial Bus: Pick the Solution that Fits your Project
Nuts & Volts (Sept. 2001)

Inside USB 2.0: What the New Spec Means for Developers
EDN (April 12, 2001)

USB Quick Start (using the USBSimm)
Nuts & Volts (November 2000)

HIDs Up (programming tips for HID-class devices) (October 2000)

USB Chip Choices (how to select the right USB controller chip for your project) (PDF)
Circuit Cellar (July 2000)

Put USB in Your Projects
Nuts & Volts (March 2000)

Designing RS-485 Circuits
Circuit Cellar( June 1999)

Using Serial EEPROMS (includes a guide to Microwire, SPI, and I2C) (PDF)
Circuit Cellar (July and August, 1997)
The example application from the article: (25k)

Quick & Easy Real-world Control for PCs
(using Visual Basic and Delphi to communicate with external devices)
Nuts & Volts (May 1997)
The example application from the article: (23k).