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8052-Basic Microcontrollers

Files and links relating to the 8052-Basic and similar 8051-family microcontrollers and how to use them.

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Microcontroller Idea Book The Microcontroller Idea Book: Circuits, Programs, & Applications featuring the 8052-BASIC Microcontroller by Jan Axelson. Now available as a free PDF.

bookBASIC-52 Programming
Complete reference to the BASIC-52 programming language.
Includes many program examples and handy back-cover index.
Published by Systronix. Out of print.

bookBASIC-52 User's Manual (Intel #270010-004) $15
The original reference to the BASIC-52 programming language.
Includes some circuit schematics. Out of print.

PC Boards

The PC boards from these vendors typically contain an 8052-BASIC chip (or an 8032 with Basic-52 in EPROM) plus RAM, EPROM, EEPROM, or battery-backed RAM, and I/O circuits.

Antona Corporation
Los Angeles, CA
8052-Basic boards, including one with an STD bus

Grifo (Italy)
Many 8051-family boards, including high-speed Dallas chips, with BASIC options.

The first to offer BASIC-52 in a CMOS chip.
Many boards.
The Domino is a complete system in a tiny molded package.
Founded by Steve Ciarcia, now under new ownership.
Longwood, FL

Rigel Corporation
RIC320 uses a Dallas DS80C320, available with Basic

Programming Tools

Includes programming environments and Basic-52 source code.

Source Code and Other Files

  • Asem-51 is an 8051 assember that will assemble the Basic-51 source code without errors. The binary file that results is identical to that in the 80C52-Basic. (135k)

  • Madis Kaal has an improved 8052-Basic and many projects, including an IDE interface.

Other Resources