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8052-Basic Microcontrollers

Files and links relating to the 8052-Basic and similar 8051-family microcontrollers and how to use them.

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Microcontroller Idea Book The Microcontroller Idea Book: Circuits, Programs, & Applications featuring the 8052-BASIC Microcontroller by Jan Axelson. Now available as a free PDF.

bookBASIC-52 Programming
Complete reference to the BASIC-52 programming language.
Includes many program examples and handy back-cover index.
$20 postpaid
Salt Lake City, UT

bookBASIC-52 User's Manual (Intel #270010-004) $15
The original reference to the BASIC-52 programming language.
Includes some circuit schematics. Out of print.

PC Boards

The PC boards from these vendors typically contain an 8052-BASIC chip (or an 8032 with Basic-52 in EPROM) plus RAM, EPROM, EEPROM, or battery-backed RAM, and I/O circuits.

Antona Corporation
Los Angeles, CA
8052-Basic boards, including one with an STD bus

Grifo (Italy)
Many 8051-family boards, including high-speed Dallas chips, with BASIC options.

Microcomputer Systems
Baton Rouge LA

The first to offer BASIC-52 in a CMOS chip.
Many boards.
The Domino is a complete system in a tiny molded package.
Founded by Steve Ciarcia, now under new ownership.
Longwood, FL

MITE (Czech republic)
Controllers with an enhanced Basic-52

Rigel Corporation
RIC320 uses a Dallas DS80C320, available with Basic

Partner Links

Programming Tools

Includes compilers, programming environments, and Basic-52 source code.

Basic compilers for the 8051 family

Basic compiler, including extensions for Dallas Soft/Secure Micros.

Inexpensive Basic compiler with floating-point and I2C support.

Basic compiler, development environment, toolkit.

Source Code and Other Files

  • Asem-51 is an 8051 assember that will assemble the Basic-51 source code without errors. The binary file that results is identical to that in the 80C52-Basic. (135k)

  • Madis Kaal has an improved 8052-Basic and many projects, including an IDE interface.

Other Resources

  • Try out the 8052-Basic chip on the web. This is an actual system that you can control remotely. Enter commands and enter and run your own programs. From the Remote Experiment Lab at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina in Brazil. (In Portuguese and English).

  • One of many source's for Russ Hersch's 8051 FAQ.

  • I've written some magazine articles on microcontroller-related topics.