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USB Embedded Hosts

The Developer's Guide

Jan Axelson

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I give this book a solid "thumbs up" for engineers and product designers who must implement an embedded system and have it operate as a USB host. If a USB-host device figures into your design or programming future, you'll like this book. Also I highly recommend the author's earlier book, USB Complete.... The two books make an excellent reference set in my library. - Jon Titus.

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USB CompleteFrom the Introduction

USB isn't just for mainstream PCs anymore. With hardware and firmware support, small embedded systems can use the same devices available to conventional desktop and notebook PCs.

Data loggers can store data on USB drives. Robotic arms can receive input from USB keyboards. Sales terminals can print receipts on USB printers. USB cameras, speakers, mics, network bridges, virtual serial ports, Bluetooth adapters, and more can be available to the embedded systems you create. This book will show you how. More,,,

Table of Contents

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1 USB Essentials
2 USB Hosts for Embedded Systems
3 Using Linux in Embedded Systems
4 Exploring USB in Linux
5 Accessing Files on Drives
6 Getting User Input
7 Bridging to Other Interfaces
8 Printing
9 Using Sound and Video
10 Communicating with Vendor-defined Devices
11 Implementing a Dual-role Port

Sample Chapter

Read Chapter 2: USB Hosts for Embedded Systems

Sample Code

BeagleBoard Linux Code for Accessing USB Devices

Pre-publication Review

"Jan has taken the USB Host from the PC world to the embedded space in a way that will get you up and running on your platform in a straightforward and concise manner. This book is a must have for anyone who is looking to leverage the power and versatility of USB host from their embedded applications." - Gerald Coley,

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Price: $29.95
152 pages, 7x 9 in.
Publication date: November 2011
ISBN 978-1931448246
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