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Making Printed Circuit BoardsMaking Printed Circuit Boards

by Jan Axelson

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Reviewers say...

"A good basic text on how to design and make your own boards. It covers both old-fashioned paste-up and modern computer-generated procedures." - Bob Pease, Electronic Design magazine.

About the book

A guide to designing and making printed-circuit boards in small quantities:

  • Printed circuit board basics
  • Preparing a useful schematic diagram
  • Component choices
  • Techniques for designing pc-board artwork
  • Drawing the pc-board artwork
  • Preparing for image transfer
  • Transferring the artwork to the pc board
  • Etching; drilling and soldering
  • Repairing pc boards
  • Projects
  • Sources for software, supplies, and materials

Price: $22.95

317 pages, TAB/McGraw Hill, 1993.

ISBN# 0-8306-3951-9, 0-07-002799-4